Are Extended Warranties Worth It?

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When shopping for a new or certified pre-owned vehicle in the Livingston area, you’re likely to run into an offer for an extended warranty. What is an extended warranty, and is an extended warranty worth the extra cost? The Finance Team at Acura of Baton Rouge is here to help you make a decision on where to stand when it comes to extended warranties, just keep reading – and be sure to give us a call at %%di_phone_number%% or reach out to us online if you have any questions!

What is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is essentially an additional coverage plan you can opt in for when you’re financing your new or certified pre-owned Ascension faring vehicle. Extended warranties typically provide things like additional maintenance coverage once the regular factory warranty has expired. Extended warranty buying can be thought of as purchasing an additional safety net for your vehicle and finances, covering you in the event of a needed major repair after your factory warranty has expired.

Acura Care(R) or Third Party?

Folks purchasing a new or certified pre-owned Acura will have two main options when it comes to purchasing an extended warranty – and that’d be going with an official Acura Care(R) extended warranty, or electing to purchase a third party one. Acura Care(R) extended warranties are available in four distinct levels:

  • New Vehicle Coverage
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Coverage
  • Certified Additional Coverage
  • Powertrain Coverage (pre-owned vehicles only)

For more information on the Acura Care(R) extended warranty program, contact our friendly and knowledgeable finance specialists, they’re certified experts who can guide you through the decision making process! Got another Extended Warranty provider offer in mind? Compare them side by side in our comfortable offices!

What Else do Extended Warranties Cover?

The benefits of extended warranty plans can vary between different providers and manufacturers, but there are some things that typically can be found in each, such as towing and roadside assistance.

Extended Warranties for New & Used Vehicles

Like we mentioned above, extended warranties can be made available to both new and certified pre-owned vehicles. However, coverage is often dictated by the state of the vehicle at purchase. Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering an extended warranty for a new or used vehicle:

New Vehicles Extended Warranties

  • If you plan on swapping out your vehicle for a new one in the next 10 years, you may not need an extended warranty. Modern vehicle components that would normally call for warranty coverage are meant to last longer than that, typically.
  • If you’re planning on keeping your vehicle for more than 10 years then an extended warranty can definitely be worth the investment. It will help keep the vehicle going long after a typical warranty would be able to.
  • It’s also worth checking to see what the insurance coverage is included with your new vehicle purchase, especially if you find many of the coverages are overlapping.

Used Vehicles Extended Warranty:

  • Consider having the vehicle inspected and an estimate created for any potential major vehicle issues like an engine or transmission replacement.
  • Decide how long you plan on keeping the vehicle, and apply the same principle we discussed in the New Vehicle tips.

Let a Local Expert Help You Decide!

Still on the fence about whether or not to get an extended warranty for your next new or used vehicle purchase? If you’d like some assistance in making this decision from an expert who knows automotive finance inside and out, then contact the folks in our Finance Department today! We’re in beautiful Baton Rouge, just a quick drive from East Baton Rouge – so come on by and see us today!

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