Black Book vs. Blue Book Trade-In Valuations

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If you are interested in trading in your vehicle around the East Baton Rouge area, then you may have already started to calculate estimates on its value. If so, you might have encountered options for black book values and blue book values. So, what’s the difference between black book vs. blue book trade-in valuations? Learn more with Acura of Baton Rouge, and contact us with additional questions!

What Is Blue Book Value?

When you turn to Kelley Blue Book for a trade-in valuation, you will get what is commonly called a “blue book” value. Many car dealers in the Ascension area rely on Kelley Blue Book because its trade-in valuations are free and require no monthly payment.

What does a blue book value look like? It ranks cars into four main categories:

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

It’s important to note that Kelley Blue Book sometimes values cars on the higher end of this spectrum. As such, you may not get as much as the blue book value suggests.

What Is Black Book Value?

Black book value, on the other hand, is typically more accurate than blue book value. That’s because it uses more up-to-date information about car and truck transactions in the Livingston area than Kelley Blue Book. This form of trade-in valuation is widely used by many dealers.

Black Book vs. Blue Book Trade-In Value Meaning

When comparing black book vs. blue book values, you can see that both serve a purpose. Here’s a rundown on the main differences between black book vs. blue book for your convenience:

  • Black Book: Used more by dealers. Provides more accurate up-to-date information (especially with new car pricing) thanks to weekly MSRP & dealer invoice updates.
  • Blue Book: Used more by consumers because it’s free. Offers a grading scale for the vehicle condition from poor to excellent. KBB Instant Cash Offer adds convenience.

Value Your Trade With Acura of Baton Rouge Today!

Use our online trade-in valuation tool to get an estimate of your vehicle’s worth. From there, you can work with our finance team to get a final offer and sell us your car. And then comes the fun part – browsing our new or used inventory for your next car to drive around Baton Rouge!


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